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Slovakia: School Festivals through the Year

Most schools have festivals which are an integral part of school life. The project group from the school at Detva (Slovakia) described the festivals at their high school in the course of a school year.


Every school year the Gymnazium (high school) accepts new students. We welcome them with a ceremony called “kabu“(matriculation) - students have to carry out different funny tasks prepared by older students.


in November fourth graders celebrate 'Stužková' (the green ribbon party). The fourth graders invite their parents and teachers to thank them for their work and care in the past four years. The students are given the green ribbon, a symbol of hope before the school leaving exam. The Headmistress speaks to the students ofthe high school. Afterwards people have a dinner and after that they start to celebrate. The students show their programmme to the parents and teachers.


students with green ribbons



Many students of our school attend art schools, they can play music instruments, dance, sing or act. Before Christmas they prepare a performance for the basic schools and the parents. As Christmas approaches, the students put up the Christmas tree in the hall of the school. The students of each class decorate their classrooms with various kinds of decorations. The  Christmas carrols sound throughout the entire school, and the students give presents to each other.


A tradition that originates in Slovak folklore is the raising of the “Maypole“. The tree with colourful ribbons is put up  in front of houses of single young women. That is why our students raise the tree for the girls from school, sing folk songs and dance folk dances in typical costumes.


raising the maypole
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Students' ball

Every year students organize a 'Students' ball'. Students and professors go to the dance floor and ususally dance all night. They are dressed up in their best clothes. At midnight they can win at a tombola (a present for everyone).

End of school year

The students receive a school progress report, and some students, who represented our school during the year, receive a thank-you letter or a diploma. The Headmistress thanks all students and everyone goes home and looks forward to having holidays.