Traditions, Values and Young People

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Project Meeting at Darlington (UK),
March 2010

The third project meeting was held at Carmel Technology College in Darlington during the first week of March 2010. Like at the previous meeting, delegations from all the participating schools took part.

The first day began with a tour of the College, followed by a welcome by the principal, Ms Maura Regan, and by Mr Stephen Hughes MEP, the Member of the European Parliament for North-East England. Mr Hughes told the students that "the EU's Comenius Programme enables partners to bring their different traditions and values together to find solutions and positive approaches to the challenges we Europeans face today."

Stephen Hughes MEP

The guests were given the opportunity to participate in a lesson of their English partners. In the afternoon, there was an excursion to the nearby city of Durham, followed by pig racing in the school's hall.

The second day was reserved for international workshop lessons. There were three different ones, each repeated twice so that all the students were able to take part in each of them. The first workshop concentrated on role play about dealing with conflicts in family and partnership situations. On the basis of given conflict strategies, the students were able to develop their own ideas on how to handle the conflicts.

role play about family conflicts

The second workshop was a session in a computer room, where the students from the different countries used discussion groups on the Facebook website to share and discuss their views on various aspects of the project topics, in particular on questions of marriage and family life. Their texts are recorded on this project website under the various points of the "topics" menu.

online discussion

The third workshop was of a somewhat more practical nature: It was an international cooking session which prepared the delicacies for the afternoon tea that rounded off the afternoon.

cooking workshop

The afternoon tea was the official end of the meeting since the Spanish group had to leave early the next morning. The other guests spent the third and final day at Whitby on the North Sea.