Gymnázium v Detve (Slovakia)

"Gymnázium v Detve" is a very young as well as very small school with almost family environment where all students, teachers and other employees know each other. There are only about 250 students in eight classes, two in each grade. They sign in at the age of 15 and after four-year study they take school leaving exams when they are 19.

Since its first school year 1990/91 the school's main goals have been to provide general education and to prepare students for their further studies at universities. Since 2002/2003 there are specialized Informatics classes. Students organize many favored traditional events throughout the whole school year.

Motto: We are all students, we all want to achieve something, we are all teachers.


school building

the school building


participating students

Students taking part in the project: (upper row from left to right) Lucia, Gabriela, Michal, Eva and Monika; (lower row) Rado and Jana