Timelines and History of Migration: Cyprus

Conquerors of Cyprus

Prehistoric times

  • 70003900 BC: Neolithic
  • 3900-2500 BC: Copper Age
  • 25001050 BC: Bronze Age
  • 1400 BC Merchants arrived in Cyprus and the island became Greek.

Before the Romans

  • Beginning of 9th century: Phoenicians settle in Cyprus
  • 673-669 BC: Assyrians
  • 560-545 BC: Egyptians
  • 545-332 BC: Persians
  • 332 BC: Alexander the Great frees Cyprus
  • 294-30 BC: Ptolemaians


The Roman Time

  • 30 BC - 330 AD: Roman rule
  • Saint Paul visits Salamis
  • Cyprus is first country to become Christian

The Byzantine Period

  • 330-1191: Cyprus is an integral part of the Byzantine Empire
  • The Church of Cyprus becomes independent
  • Arabs cause a lot of destruction during their raids on the island
  • The Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros Phokas saves the island permanently

The Crusades and after

  • 1191: Richard Lionheart, King of England, conquers Cyprus on his way to Jerusalem, but soon sells the island to the Templars
  • 1192: Guy de Lusignan, a French nobleman, buys the island
  • 1192-1489: Rule of the Lusignans
  • Lots of castles and churches are built; heavy taxation. The Greek Orthodox Church is persecuted
  • 1489-1571: Venetian Rule
  • Big walls are built around Nicosia and Famagusta in defence against the Turks, but both cities finally fall after a long siege

The Ottoman Empire

  • 1571-1878: Cyprus is part of the Ottoman Empire
  • Heavy taxes are imposed
  • Destruction of everything that is not Turkish

The British Empire

  • 1878-1959: Cyprus is a colony in the British Empire
  • Heavy taxation continues
  • 1955-59: Greek Cypriots form an organisation that starts an armed struggle againt British colonialism


  • 1960: Cyprus becomes independent
  • 1963: Turkish air raid on Cyprus; troubles between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.The "Green Line" separates the two groups.
  • 1974: Turkish invasion and occupation of 37 % of the island